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Comprehensive Construction Solutions – Construction Consulting

Who we are

CCS - Comprehensive Construction Solutions

CCS is dedicated to providing a single resource that links business and civic sector to proven, qualified construction and financial professionals. Whether it’s a simple maintenance issue, an engineering need, the design and construction of a new facility or financing a capital improvement, CCS will link the appropriate professionals to assure the project is a success.

Craig Trick / President, Founder CCS

Our Story


CCS provides your company with proven professionals that have an established track record of meeting customer expectations. Our partners have unique skill sets and experience to evaluate whatever your need may be and offer a cost effective, creative solution.

Our theme of “Simplify – Improve – Relax” is at the core of why we were formed. By offering a single resource for any construction, engineering or financing need, your able to “Simplify”.

The ability to turn to one resource for those needs instead of searching multiple companies allows you to “Improve” your efficiency at work and finally, knowing CCS stands ready to serve, you are able to “Relax” in knowing we are here to help you.

our purpose

Connecting Qualified Professionals

The Need

The Need

Every day there are many in need of construction and financial services. One thing is certain: the need to find trusted professionals who provide economical solutions, expedient services and unmatched quality will always exist. CCS makes it easy by providing a single resource for connecting the business & civic sector to qualified professionals.
The Solution

The Solution

Business Owners, Plant Manages and Civic Leaders are pulled in many different directions during the course of a day. Having a single resource to call for any construction or financial need is an attractive option, knowing they will receive unmatched professional service. At CCS, it's our privilege to represent your company exclusively to these people.
Our Commitment

Our Commitment

No matter the need, we stand ready to assemble our appropriate team members to assure your need is addressed and presented with a professional, cost effective solution. When you contact us, it’s never an inconvenience, it’s what we live for. Our greatest satisfaction is helping our customers.
Our Services

General Contracting

When it comes to construction needs, be it a renovation, expansion or a new facility, having a proven builder you can count on is of great value. You need a contractor who is well established, with a sound reputation and one you can count on to be there long after the job is complete. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with sound advice from our years of experience and unmatched quality and service. It’s no accident the majority of our work comes from repeat customers and referrals.
Our Services


We all know how much we rely on electricity, especially when we don’t have it. Having a reputable electrical contractor you can rely on to help you in an emergency situation or just in your day to day operations is comforting. Whether it’s upgrading your service, adding a new piece of equipment or changing to high efficiency lighting, having a person who knows your facility well and responds when needed, is what we pride ourselves in.
Our Services


Plumbing can create many problems, especially when previous work may have been done by people simply collecting a pay check. Our team of professionals is fully licensed and trained to provide top quality and service. We care about our customer and we care about the quality of the work we do. We are committed to being your sole provider for all your plumbing needs. We have a “do it right or don’t do it” philosophy.
Our Services


We all know the importance of having a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system functioning properly but what happens when it doesn’t? Our staff is dedicated to helping you service and maintain your system so you can be confident in knowing you and your employees will be comfortable. Service, once again seems to always rise to the top when considering what HVAC contractor to use. Our team is committed to meeting your needs in a manner that will have the competition scrambling.
Our Services


When it comes to understanding the integrate details involved in a project, having the right engineering firm can make all the difference. Whether its engineering the infrastructure for your streets and utilities or trying to determine if a beam can be removed, the fact remains you want a qualified professional on your team giving you the proper advice. Our staff is committed to working for you and takes pride in the service we provide to each of our customers.
Our Services

Maintenance & Repair

We know your facility requires ongoing maintenance and repairs and historically roofing is at the top of the list and can cause the most headaches. Our roofing company lives by this saying; “Your Roof….Our Reputation”. We offer a free (5) point inspection as well as other levels of inspection services to assure you keep on top of the situation before it becomes a problem.
Our Services


Financing needs seem to arise daily, whether it’s financing a new piece of equipment, expanding your current facility or perhaps building a new facility, the need remains; finding a financial lender who can provide affordable options is a challenge. Our team has a “Yes” attitude when it comes to lending and will work tirelessly and creatively to help you grow your business. It’s our commitment to provide you with financing options that will allow your company to prosper and grow.
Our Services

Incentive Assistance

When considering a project of any kind, it’s important to explore what type of assistance or incentives might be available at the local, state and perhaps federal levels. At CCS we can explore these resources through long established relationships with key individuals at the various levels.




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